A Deep Pool


Seamus Sands

“A Deep Pool” is Seamus Sands’ new fiddle CD (2018). The album includes a wealth of music – 58mins, 19 tracks, 34 tunes, including many unusual tunes recovered from manuscripts and never before recorded. The album focuses on music associated with the culturally-rich region of Down/Armagh/Louth in the North East of Ireland. A 12-page CD booklet full of information and detail related to the tunes is included. The CD is available for worldwide shipping for €15 (including postage and packing).

Across Bridges


Seamus Sands

Seamus Sands’ first solo album is “Across Bridges” (2015).  It is unaccompanied, solo, fiddle playing. The album is 59mins, 18 tracks, 39 tunes, including personal and unusual versions as well as some very old tunes never previously recorded. A 12-page CD booklet of information and stories related to the tunes is included. The CD is available for worldwide shipping for €15 (including postage and packing). Enjoy it!