For our friends across the water, here’s a nice video clip of daughter Clare Sands and friend Susan O’Neill carrying their music across the sea…. Carry My Song


Here are a few photos and video links of musical interest….

Here’s a nice 2015 clip with daughter Clare Sands  playing the two reels “Bonnie Ann” and “The Hairy Chested Frog” (Bobby Casey)….


It was an honour to contribute to Jessie Cawley’s new book “Becoming an Irish Traditional Musician” (Cork, October 2020). Here’s a short video of Jessie launching her book with a few of us playing a few “socially-distanced” tunes


Here’s a smartphone clip playing my reel composition “The Silvery Bar” with daughter  Clare Sands   at the Cork Folk Festival in October 2020. It was a really enjoyable fiddle recital with fiddlers Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, daughter Nia Byrne and Garry Cronin (with Ciaran Coughlan) all playing top class music.


For something different…you might enjoy this funny clip from the kitchen one evening.

In case you are interested, the first tune is one of my favourite airs…the traditional song An Buinnean Buí (The Yellow Bittern). The reel after it is an unusual  Co. Down tune called the Carrickmannon Lasses.